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Oley Levy at Eyeball Networks

August 2014 – March 2015
Jeaye is a great developer and a team player; he is passionate about programming and it shows. From writing idiomatic C++14 code, to designing clean, safe, and documented APIs, he cares a great deal about process and would never release anything that hasn't been tested.

Mentoring other members of the team is something that Jeaye takes very seriously. He has organized training sessions on a variety of subjects (C++, git, debugging) and, during code reviews, always provides examples and reasoning. When conducting interviews, Jeaye is very precise in what he is looking for; ranking and the explanation of a candidate's abilities are always clear.

Jeaye is a really quick learner; in a couple of days, he can become the go-to person on an RFC. When in unfamiliar territory, Jeaye has a steady stance, a critical outlook, and a readiness to improve.

I enjoyed working with Jeaye and I hope to work with him again. He's a valuable addition to a development team and his contributions will be felt immediately.

Sean Maher at TinyCo

August 2012 – June 2014
I worked with Jeaye at TinyCo on a game team (Tiny Monsters) and an on our mobile engine team. He was never shy about diving into new systems, whether it was integrating new libraries or overhauling build systems or maintaining mission-critical code. I learned to rely on him to solve problems and get products shipped.

His knowledge of modern C++ is unparalleled, his interfaces are clean and straightforward, and his designs were always appropriate to the task at hand. Mobile development is full of twists and turns, and he handled them like a pro.

He'll be an asset to any team that needs a cool, collected, expert-level engineer.

John Violano at TinyCo

August 2012 – June 2014
Jeaye is a talented programmer who is dedicated to his craft. His passion for C++ is inspiring to his peers and he graciously shares his experiences and studies with his coworkers.

When tasked with important features Jeaye is a reliable employee that consistently delivers. His solutions are often elegant and highly performant. He is no stranger to multi-threading and template meta-programming, two very advanced topics within our field. Jeaye is performing well above the level one would expect from a recent graduate.

Jeaye is an active developer, even in his free time, and has shared with us some of his personal work, showcasing his strong understanding of OpenGL. Recently he has been tasked with rendering specific work which he has done a wonderful job on.

I highly recommend this rising star for your team, he is an excellent employee.

Matthew Orlando at TinyCo

August 2012 – June 2014
Jeaye is a highly dedicated and passionate C++ programmer. He's always got his eye on high level design considerations, and works hard to create interfaces that are easy to use. He takes pride in his work and is strongly principled, while also recognizing practical considerations that require flexibility. He is also a great teacher and learner, constantly improving his craft and sharing the wealth of knowledge both within the company and in the broader programming community.

Steven Seufert at Full Sail University

October 2010 – July 2012
Jeaye is an experienced programmer whose expansive self-taught experience dates back long before he entered college. He can handle pretty much any programming challenge you throw at him, large or small. He's quick-witted and a good conversationalist.